About Us

About Us


GoVPN began with a simple idea – offering the world reliable, safe, secure, and affordable VPN service solutions. We partner with a wealth of international servers to ensure a fast solution when you use VPN browsing.

  • Private Use

    Keep you, and your family’s data secure from unwanted hackers or online thieves looking to steal your identity and confidential information.

  • Public Service

    Everyone from government agents, educators, healthcare providers, and legal professionals need to download a VPN to keep their client information safe.

Hide your Internet Protocol

Get 100% anonymity that creates a barrier of protection around your digital IP address.

Stay safe public Wi-Fi zone

Get worry-free browsing the next time you read your messages at a coffee shop or research in a library.

Access Geo-Blocked Websites

Get the freedom to access the entertainment and websites you want, no matter where your country of origin.

Save Online Shopping

Get secure online shopping without heavy-handed advertisements or risky online payment systems.

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Who GoVPN Helps

When you download a VPN, you expect protected services from browsing to streaming to maintaining your online privacy. This is crucial for all kinds of customers like:

Privacy Geeks

A VPN provides an extra layer of privacy and security by encrypting online activities.

Security Devotees

VPNs protect personal information and sensitive data from hacking, surveillance, and cyber threats.

Civil Rights Activists

VPNs can help bypass internet censorship and restrictions, enabling access to a free and open internet.

Avid Gamers

VPNs can reduce lag and improve gaming experiences by bypassing geographical restrictions and ensuring a stable connection.

Frequent Travelers

VPNs protect personal information and sensitive data when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in foreign countries.

Press & Corporations

VPNs provide secure communication and data protection, allowing for the secure transmission of sensitive information.

What GoVPN Clients Say

Change Your Digital Address to Anywhere in the World

Browsing with VPN services ensures you appear from the location of your choice. When you use GoVPN, you can select any of our massive international network servers so you can be in the UK one moment and over to Japan the next.

  • Worldwide Server Network

    We offer access to reliable, fast VPN services from a broad range of international connection points that allow you to improve your browsing, streaming, and internet options.

  • 100% Support

    Want to appear like an ecommerce store in Berlin? How about watching UK streaming while living in Canada? Need to get around censorship restrictions? GoVPN is your answer!